May/June 2014 Publisher Letter

May and June are upon us – for me, these months conjure up the images of freshly mown grass, fruits and vegetables ripening on the vine, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gatherings and celebrations, the start of BBQ season, school ending and summer officially beginning. I especially love that it’s now the time of year for us to take full advantage of fresh, local produce. There is nothing better than the taste of a sun-soaked strawberry or vine-ripened tomato. Be sure to visit some of the farmers’ markets listed in the 2014 Local Farmers’ Market guide and make your taste buds happy!

The warmer weather also brings with it more opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and time in nature. We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful state and local parks, welcoming bike and walking trails and numerous historic sites – great options for when you want to get out and about. My family especially enjoys hiking around Beaver Lake in Pocahontas State Park. What is your favorite place?

I’d like to give a special, heartfelt thanks to all of the moms and dads out there who tirelessly give of themselves to make a difference in the lives of their children, young and old. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day! The Saturday after Father’s Day, on June 21, Natural Awakenings will have a booth at the annual Richmond Vegetarian Festival in Bryan Park from noon to 6pm. Please stop by – I look forward to meeting you.

I’d like to leave you with a Shel Silverstein poem that lends itself well to the feature article, Trust Your Intuition:

The Voice

There is a voice inside of you

That whispers all day long,

"I feel this is right for me,

I know that this is wrong."

No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

Or wise man can decide

What's right for you—just listen to

The voice that speaks inside.

Happy Reading,

Jessica Coffey Natural Awakenings Richmond


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