Relieve Foot and Lower Limb Pain

Arti Mehta

Arti Mehta, founder of ProStride Orthotics, LLC, is a board-certified pedorthist and orthotic fitter. ProStride is committed to providing high-quality orthotic treatments and alleviating foot and lower limb pain. Patients receive a detailed initial evaluation that includes range of motion, strength and functional tests; gait analysis; footwear analysis; 3-D casting and implementation of a non-surgical treatment plan.

       Personalized treatment approaches may include a combination of custom foot orthotics, bracing, compression therapy, footwear recommendations and footwear modifications. With a great deal of experience in fabricating custom foot orthotics for a wide range of foot and lower limb conditions, Mehta brings a unique approach to complex foot and ankle diagnosis after practicing in the specialized field of pedorthics since 2012.


Location: Gayton Crossing Office Park, 9609 Gayton Rd., Ste. 102. For appointments, call 804-310-3894. For more information, visit


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