Holistic Resources for Richmond Pet Parents

While we all know that it is important to employ conscious care-giving when it comes to our fellow humans, it can take a little digging when it comes to our pets.

At Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic, they offer a holistic approach to treatment and believe the best veterinary care for animals is ongoing attention to good, healthy nutrition. “Nutrition is the most important thing we can do for our dogs and cats,” says Dr. Betty Baugh Harrison, lead veterinarian. “Just like humans, it is the best preventive care. It’s something we have control over.”

It may surprise some people to know that feeding pets people food is not taboo. According to Harrison, the best thing we can do for our animals is cook for them, and pet meals can be prepared in a crock pot. From making broths from chicken stock to softening vegetables like sweet potatoes, many of the prepared but unprocessed foods eaten by humans can be fed to pets. When advising on the healthiest food options for dogs and cats, Harrison says prepared food is first, with canned food second and high-quality dry food third. Even when treating sick or injured animals, she looks at diet as a key factor in restoring health.

Conscious pet care is more than food and veterinary practices. Linda Anson owns PetCareRVA, a pet- and house-sitting service that provides holistic care for naturally happy pets. “Conscious pet care is about being fully aware of the pet’s personality, likes, dislikes, needs and fears during each visit and being conscious of the relationship,” she says. “I delight in getting to know each one as a special personality. The result is optimal health and happiness for all parties when pet parents need to be away.”

Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic, 5322 Patterson Ave., Richmond, 804-288-7387, BettyBaughsAnimalClinic.com. PetCareRVA, 804-337-5197, PetCareRVA.com.

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