Free Vouchers for Acupuncture Care

Southside Community Acupuncture (SCA) now implements a pay-it-forward community acupuncture program that offers discounts or partial payments for treatments for those who cannot afford the lower end of their sliding scale for each visit (currently $40 for new patients; $25 for returning patients). Simple to use, there is no sign-up list and no financial data is collected. At the time of payment, a patient selects a voucher located at the front desk. If necessary, a patient can use multiple vouchers.  

      SCA believes that treatment sessions should be long, frequent and affordable in order to facilitate better health and wellness. This flexible group treatment model allows them to maximize the duration of each treatment. SCA is able to provide access in this way because other patients and members of the community generously pay-it-forward to help maintain the voucher board. Once a voucher has been posted, anyone can redeem it. There is no limit to how many times a patient can use the board so long as there are vouchers posted.


Location: 8730 Stony Point Pkwy., Ste. 270 For more information, visit



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