Kudos ~ Ellen Bernstein

Ellen Bernstein

Ellen Bernstein, CHHC, MEd, a certified aroma acupoint therapist, recently completed advanced training in Aroma PediaPoint Therapy (APT), the use of Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT) with children and teens. AAT is a safe, gentle and profoundly effective treatment that involves placing therapeutic-grade essential oils on specific acupuncture points in order to bring the body back into a state of balance. She says, “It works similarly to acupuncture, but kids will always choose oils over needles!”

      APT is a holistic modality that can help with a variety of issues including chronic colds, digestive problems, hyperactivity, difficulty with focus and anxiety. Different fragrance energies influence the mental, emotional and physical bodies of children, and they usually respond very quickly to the treatment.

Bernstein offers Natural Awakenings readers a discount on their first visit. Location: 5500 Monument Ave., Ste. T. For more information, call 804-399-3649 or visit EllenBernstein.com.



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