The Giving Wall is Giving a Hand Up












The Giving Wall is a platform collaboratively created by Mindful Mornings and the Office of Community Wealth Building where community needs and the stories behind them are posted on the Giving Wall website and shared so that individuals can #giveprogress through their purchases.

      Richmond is one of the lowest-ranked cites in the nation for individual economic progress. At a moment’s notice, a person’s life can dramatically change because of immobility instigated by a car repair they can’t afford, a sick child with medical needs that pull resources from the household or the inability to pay for the certification needed to take a new, better paying job. Too often, needs like these entrap people in a cycle of poverty without a clear way out.

      The Giving Wall community of supporters believe in the power of compassion to push collective progress. Using the website as a point of connection between believer and supporter, anyone can #giveprogress to hardworking humans in the city of Richmond that need a hand up.

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