March/April 2015 Publisher Letter

Happy spring! What a lovely time of year this is in RVA—the sun shines warmer, the James flows with exuberation, the buds begin to blossom and the birds seem to sing more joyfully. It’s that special time of year when everything becomes greener, even the magazine! Be sure to check out Spring Into a Green Lifestyle!, Love Your Greens! and the Green Living article, A Practical Guide to Composting.

I plan to spend this spring season slowing down—purposefully delighting in the present moment. So much easier said than done, as busyness has become the expectation, the norm. I have been reading some wonderful books that help me on this mindfulness journey, including The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo and Meditations From the Mat by Rolf Gates. Both inspire and compel me to express more gratitude, stay committed to my yoga and meditation practices, integrate more mindfulness into my daily life and bloom where I am planted. What books currently inspire you?

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is when it comes to animal welfare. This issue’s feature focuses on animal rescue. We are proud to include an advertisement for the local nonprofit, Richmond Wildlife Center—please help support their mission to “to ensure all animals receive access to the critical and life-saving veterinary treatment they need.”

I wish you a wonderful March and April and leave you with the words of Helen M. Luke:

We hurry through the so-called boring things
in order to attend to that which we deem
more important, interesting.
Perhaps the final freedom will be a recognition that
everything in every moment is "essential"
and that nothing at all is "important."

Happy Reading, Jessica

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