March/April 2016 Publisher Letter

Happy March! While I greatly enjoy the beauty of a snowy landscape and the excitement of a snow day, I look forward to spring each year. Ever since I was pregnant with my first child 17 years ago (he was an early May baby), I fell in love with the season of growth and rebirth. It makes me so happy to see the buds bursting forth on the trees and the bulbs pushing up out of the ground. The longer days make early evening walks possible again, and I delight in the sighting of baby animals and fledglings leaving their nests.

Spring is also the time for planting—not just seeds but ideas as well. Ideas about ways to live healthier more fulfilling lives, which can be accomplished by the proper care and feeding of our minds and bodies. This issue provides valuable information and resources to help with both. There are articles about encouraging children to participate in mindfulness activities such as yoga and relaxation, planning “agrihoods” that will encourage healthy living and healthy eating, making wiser choices regarding the meat we eat and much more!

It has been four years since my family and I decided to stop eating meat. After watching the movie, Forks Over Knives, in February 2012, the four of us decided to move toward a more plant-based diet. We felt that it would be healthier for our bodies and gentler on the planet. Will we always choose not to eat meat? I can’t say that for certain. We still eat eggs, some dairy and seafood, and that works well for us right now. However, if we do begin eating meat again, I will want to choose meat that is sustainable and safe—to encourage the humane treatment of the animals and to take better care of the soil and our other natural resources. The feature article, “Meaty Truths,” expands upon that concept.

Earth Day, celebrated each year on April 22, is a wonderful time to reconnect with nature and recommit to keeping our planet clean, green and healthy. L.M. Wilde aptly states, “When we honor the Earth, we honor ourselves.” But, perhaps Dr. Suess says it best in The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” What will you do this year to honor and care for this planet we call home?

May the ideas and seeds you plant this season grow to beautiful fruition.

Happy Spring and Happy Reading!

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Jessica Coffey, Publisher

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