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Helps Richmonders Connect to Their Authentic Selves

Elizabeth Krusen

Athletes may refer to it as “being in the zone”. A writer may call it “flow”. In any professional or personal situation, this state of connecting passion to action will inspire a sense of peace and focus. This, says Elizabeth Krusen, owner of ONE Wellness, is what she defines as a person’s “authentic self”, and she hopes to help Richmond residents discover their own authentic selves. “On the one hand, it means being able to calm your mind,” she advises. “The next step on the journey is being able to tune into your passion.”

        Krusen’s staff includes 20 instructors and practitioners. From a massage therapist with a Ph.D. to certified yoga instructors, there’s an expert for every mode of meditation. The New York transplant says she’s excited to be a part of the Richmond wellness community.

        “There’s a synergy we can create,” she says. “We can hopefully come together to create a mindful movement. Mindfulness is about heartfulness. We quiet our minds first and we cultivate our hearts. It’s about compassion for ourselves and for others. I think Richmond is ready.”

        Krusen opened ONE Wellness during the fall of 2017. It all started with her own personal journey. “I struggled from a young age with anxiety and addiction,” she explains. “I had unhealthy ways of coping with stress, as do a lot of people. I wasn’t able to find peace until I was able to find meditation.”


We’ll help each person identify what they want to focus on, set those intentions and realize those intentions.


        When Krusen decided to quit drinking, she signed up for a silent meditation retreat. “That’s all it took,” she says, launching her own self-immersion program to explore and learn all the tools available. She enrolled in courses to advance her knowledge, connected with mentors across a variety of disciplines, and then decided it was time to share her knowledge.

        “I started with my family,” Krusen says. “The whole process became a reflection on motherhood; the changing dynamics of marriage, the different roles you play as a mother, and how to discover and stay connected to your authentic self.” Krusen’s children are now 5, 8 and 11. Even her 5-year old meditates each night.

        ONE Wellness offers many pathways to a more mindful life, including yoga, qigong and meditation workshops, all with kid-friendly options. “If I’d had these tools when I was young, I wouldn’t have struggled with stress and anxiety as much as I have,” Krusen says. “Mindfulness also helps us cultivate the skills for healthy coping, moral leadership, honesty, compassion, generosity—most of the qualities we want to see in our kids.”

            At ONE Wellness, Krusen’s goal is to bring many different entry points to a mindful life under one roof. Each offering helps a person better connect their body, mind and spirit. “Some areas are stronger than others for some people,” she says. To help clients decide where to start, Krusen offers free consultations. “We’ll help each person identify what they want to focus on, set those intentions and realize those intentions,” notes Krusen.

        ONE Wellness hosts an open house on the first Saturday of each month where guests can explore free classes and membership options, in addition to complimentary classes each week.


Location: 4110 Fitzhugh Ave. For more information, call 804-303-2869 or visit

Megan Wilson is a freelance writer and content creator in Richmond, VA. You can learn more about her and read more work at



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