An Integrative Medical Center Has Come to Mechanicsville


Integrative Regional Medical Center (IRMC) is now open at 7481 Right Flank Road, Suite 100, in Mechanicsville. Their mission is to change the standard of health care from symptom management through drugs and surgery to discovering root causes for problems, and then resolving the problems with an integrated approach to caring for the body.

Allison Ross, community marketing coordinator, says, “Our office is different from what people expect with traditional medical care. You won’t hear much about what prescriptions you should take and about removing your gall bladder because you cannot digest food properly. Instead, you’ll hear about methods to regenerate your own living tissues, release twisted and balled-up muscles with a natural solution called Sarapin that will get you using those muscles again, and not working around them.”

IRMC will create a complete treatment plan based on what they discover in discussions with their patients. These plans may involve physical rehabilitation and/or chiropractic adjustment or perhaps stem cell therapy to assist with regenerating injured joints, muscles and tissues.

For more information and a complimentary consultation, call 804-454-7240 or visit



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