New Book Examines Healing Themes

Richmonder Cheryl Pallant has written her 12th book, Writing and the Body in Motion: Awakening Voice through Somatic Practice, a guide to personal exploration and healing through creative expression. The book draws from her background as a writer, dancer, energy healer and meditator and offers readers a pathway into writing, somatic awareness and movement from a place of deep listening and an expanded perspective.

The book results from her popular workshop, Writing From the Body, which combines body awareness and movement with writing and meditation. Pallant states, “For years, my students have been asking for a book based on my class. Here it is.” Every chapter includes exercises for readers to put ideas into action and discussion includes psychology, meditation, somatic listening, intersubjectivity and neuroscience.

Pallant is a certified Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner, cofounder of the Integral Meditation Group, a somatic coach and on faculty at University of Richmond. She is passionate about awakening the body and has a refined sense for healing and cultivating creativity that she shares with clients and readers.

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