Eco-Travel March 2007


Whether we call it green travel, eco-travel or eco tourism, the experience of traveling with a social or environmental conscience offers us limitless opportunities for meaningful life experiences and personal growth.

The Healing Touch March 2007

The Healing Touch

Few things can compete with a good massage when it comes to total body relaxation. Massage doesn’t just feel good; it also provides relief to a number of different health concerns.

Middle Management March 2007

Middle Management

Our need for a tight torso goes beyond simple vanity. Core fitness training helps increase energy, improve posture, builds a trimmer body and greater muscle strength.

Skinship: Better Bonding with Baby March 2007

Skinship: Better Bonding with Baby

Numerous studies have proven that touch for babies is absolutely essential—to bonding, to growth and development, and to present and future emotional well-being.

Amazing Animal Aromatherapy March 2007

Amazing Animal Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, which has become incredibly popular for treatment of human conditions, is equally suitable for animals.

From the Heart February 2007

From the Heart

If you’ve recently survived a heart attack or had cardiac surgery, you may feel overwhelmed with questions about recovery—especially regarding your diet. Find out what to eat, what to avoid, and where to go from here.

Love: An Unconditional Experience of the Heart February 2007

Love: An Unconditional Experience of the Heart

Best-selling self-help author, workshop leader and relationship guru Byron Katie's approach to healing broken relationships can help even in the midst of crisis.

EarthTalk February 2007


Dear EarthTalk: I’m moving into a freshly painted apartment, and am curious to know whether it makes any sense to repaint the walls with non-toxic paint in hopes of “covering up” the toxic stuff already there. Or is it too late?

Retro Fit February 2007

Retro Fit

One of today’s hottest trends borrows heavily from the past, taking the lightweight hula hoop and transforming it into a fitness tool.

Science You Can Sink Your Teeth Into February 2007

Science You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Here’s the latest research on some rather toothy topics: dental sealants and mercury fillings.