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Social Service June 2012

Social Service

Formed in the aftermath of the 9//11 tragedy, this social network connects people around the globe.

Resilient Communities January 2012

Resilient Communities

More than 60 million Americans volunteered 8 billion hours of their services in 2010.

Community Currency November 2011

Community Currency

Private mints are on the upswing as a way to locally focus business capital.

Banking Freedom November 2011

Banking Freedom

Today, more than a dozen websites connect borrowers and lenders without using banks as middlemen.

Peace Index July 2011

Peace Index

The inaugural United States Peace Index provides the first-ever ranking of the 50 states based on their levels of peace.

Urban Forest May 2011

Urban Forest

Banners whose designs are a metaphor for the tree, a symbol of sustainability, are sprouting up on light posts at high-traffic locations throughout cities participating in the Urban Forest Project.

Urban Psychology February 2011

Urban Psychology

Research shows that where we grew up helps define our values and sense of self.

Pocket Parks November 2010

Pocket Parks

Space for urban parks is increasingly popping up in unexpected, underused and under-appreciated places.

Home Sweet Home November 2010

Home Sweet Home

Cohousing is a growing phenomenon in both rural and urban areas, and a trend that baby boomers are likely going to embrace.

Sharing Site November 2010

Sharing Site

New website offers an online community of people seeking to share or borrow items they occasionally need and would rather not buy, from ladders to carpet steamers and party chairs to kayaks.