Letter from Publisher

Jessica Coffey

Dear Readers,

There’s so much to celebrate in this issue. Since it spans the months of May and June, we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (I love you mom & Wood and dad & Anne!). Mother’s Day always reminds me of when I first became a mom 18 years ago—this May, I celebrate my first-born officially becoming an adult and graduating from high school. What a crazy, wonderful ride it’s been loving, learning and growing along with my sons. This issue celebrates motherhood with the feature article, Natural Motherhood: Creating
the Best Start for New Life, and a special Birth & Baby page highlighting local businesses that provide services for expecting parents and new moms.

       The celebration continues in the News Briefs and Kudos sections as we highlight upcoming events and activities, new business information, partnerships and the accomplishments of some of our local business owners and practitioners that have achieved certification or received accolades for the ongoing work they do to stay on the cutting edge of their practices and professions. In the Business Spotlight, we celebrate Resonance Float & Sound—read more to find out about services they offer for you to relax and heal naturally.

       In June, we will celebrate the beginning of summer. As we welcome warmer days and some much-needed R&R, the farmers’ markets will be in full swing, allowing us to enjoy the bounty of fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, flowers, honey, cheeses and more. We are lucky to live in a community that offers so many options for eating fresh, local, healthy food. See how often you can create farm-to-table meals this summer by visiting the markets listed on page 30.

       I can vividly picture market-fresh fruits and veggies every time I read the poem, At the Vegetable Market, by Irene Latham…

Mama says, never go to the market hungry.

She says I can’t say I want I want or Pleeeeeeeease.

No matter how blue the blueberries or how perfect the potato.

But I don’t care about money, and I am always hungry.

So I smile wider than a watermelon rind

and my cheeks turn round as tomatoes

when the lady with the basket leans in close says, want a taste?

May you find plenty to celebrate this summer!

Happy Summer & Happy Reading!


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