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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Editorial Guidelines & Submissions

We appreciate your interest in and willingness to contribute to Natural Awakenings Richmond magazine and share knowledge about your area of expertise. Your editorial submissions are what help make Natural Awakenings Richmond a community resource for natural health, wellness and green living. In turn, this exposure will bring focus to your business…thus creating a win-win situation.

Calendar Events (Due on the 1st of the month prior to publication)

Help us by submitting your events for magazine print online at, click on the Calendar Tab and click on Add an Event. via email in the format shown below (all advertisers receive six FREE listings ($5 per additional listing); $10/listing for non-advertisers; $55 for highlighted calendar listings).

News Briefs & Kudos (Length: 50-150 words – Due on the 1st of the month prior to publication)

What’s new? Share it with us. Did you open a new office, recently become certified in a new therapy or have a special event coming up? We welcome any news items relevant to the subject matter of our publication. We also welcome any hot tips or suggestions you may have for a news item. Please write your News Briefs in third person.

Health Briefs (Length: 50-250 words – Due on the 1st of the month prior to publication)

Health Briefs are short, interesting clips of information often referring to a new health fact or leading-edge research in a particular field. This is an opportunity to share bits of information about your particular therapy. Include any references.

Community or Event Spotlight (Length: up to 250-300 words - Due two weeks prior to deadline)

A Spotlight will highlight a local business, practitioner or event. Please include all event details in description. 

Articles (Length: up to 450 words - Due two weeks prior to deadline)

Articles published in Natural Awakenings cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of health, healing, inner growth, fitness and earth-friendly living. Articles should be written in layman’s terms, impart information in a way that does not sound self-serving, and all claims must be backed by research. Please do not use first person or slang. Include references and a brief biography with your article. 

Please Note:

  • If your article has been published elsewhere, we are not interested.
  • We cannot guarantee publication of submissions, and if accepted, we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like us to keep the submission for future consideration, please let us know when submitting your article.
  • Your original work will be edited to fit our magazine’s style guidelines and we reserve that right. We will send you the edited draft for review prior to layout.
  • Article submissions should include facts and/or statistics that would be of interest to our readers. Any medical claims should be accompanied by cited research or credible source(s); do not submit opinion pieces.
  • Please include a brief biography at the end of your article.


We like to include photos/graphics with our editorial. Please submit images for consideration. Digital photos in JPG or TIFF un-retouched, right from the camera are preferred, or photos scanned at 600dpi in JPG, TIFF, EDS, or PDF. No computer-printed material or website images are accepted.


Please submit all editorial as a MS Word attachment via email to [email protected].