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The Inner Kitchen

Mar 03, 2014 12:48PM ● By Aqiylah Collins

The Inner Kitchen, written by Laurel Herman, is both a culinary delight and a love story – a creatively imaginative journey into opening the self to all that is possible. The emphasis is on loving ourselves, unconditionally and how our emotions, thoughts and path impact both our choices and our health. The food metaphors are nothing short of brilliant! They serve as a means to nudge us lovingly toward mindfulness at those real life junctures where we choose what best serves us to “open up and heal”.

I am most grateful for the Beginning Meditation and have already begun incorporating its wisdom into my own food preparation process. Laurel reminds us that “creativity is food for the soul”. If so, then her soul must be abundantly full, for The Inner Kitchen is THE most creative reflection on food I’ve ever encountered. Throughout the book, Laurel lovingly opens her heart and soul to the reader in a way that ignites a deeper understanding of and desire for self love.

Undoubtedly, The Inner Kitchen is a gentle, thoughtful reminder that we deserve an abundance of joy, peace and good health. One reading will forever change the way you think about nourishment, love and self.

Aqiylah Collins is a local holistic health coach and owner of Qi to Wellness,

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