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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Letter from Publisher

Jessica Coffey

Happy 2017! The new year brings with it so much possibility and potential. And this issue, jam-packed with interesting news, articles and events provides you with a multitude of ways to ensure that your year is full of opportunities for healthy living.

A favorite of many, the January/February issue includes the annual Healthy and Green Living Directory—a wonderful resource full of practitioners and businesses dedicated to natural health, wellness and green living. Be sure to hold onto your copy and reference it throughout the year – whenever you are in need of a product, service or opportunity to help you live your best life.

How do you think you will choose to live your best life in 2017? I will aim to be more patient – with myself and others. Sometimes living our best life means getting out of our head and listening more to our heart in order to approach situations and people with more kindness, compassion and love (and patience!).

So, in addition to living your best life this year, I want to encourage you through Lyric Benson Fergusson’s poetry to Live As Your Heart Lives:

Where you mind wavers,

your heart overcomes.

Your heart can tame any monster,

your heart can devour any fear.

Your heart’s chivalry is incomparable.

Your heart’s genius

outsmarts what’s written on parchment

or etched on stone tablets.

Your heart sees an ogre as an angel,

Just waiting to be born…(with a soft kiss).

Are you brave enough to pucker up?

Your mind would rather run from sleeping tigers that had,

several decades ago, promised to eat you,

than face the unknowns of life.

Your heart knows that overwhelming darkness

is a miracle waiting to happen.

Which lens do you choose to see this world through?

Your heart or your mind?

Baby, it’s all about perspective.


Happy 2017 and Reading!

Jessica Coffey, Publisher


2021 Healthy Living Guide
Serves as your local "green" pages — a handy reference tool to use when searching for businesses, practitioners, products and services to help you live a happier, healthier, more balanced life. Click here.