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Natural Awakenings Richmond

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Loretta Walker, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach

Access, honor, and utilize your own wisdom as you receive support in clarifying your true goals and mapping out a plan to achieve them. FREE 30 minute Discovery Call.

Loretta Walker has worked in helping professions her entire life, as a therapist, a full-time mom, and a teacher. As one who is naturally drawn to assisting others, she observed how people always felt comfortable opening up to her and sharing their dilemmas. She felt a career that encourages people to live from their own autonomy would be an ideal fit. She is now an ICF Certified Wayfinder Life Coach through the Martha Beck life coaching program.

“My clients walk in with a challenge, a desire. By using the Wayfinder tools and process, I help them find their own paths. It’s not me just saying ‘here is which path they should take,’” she says. “I support them in finding their own inner clarity so they can determine their own way.”

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I sought help from a therapist at three different times in my life.  Each time I was not able to stay with that process longer than a few sessions. I felt evaluated and scheduled and It didn't feel right for me.  Life Coaching sessions with Loretta have been engaging and at a pace that I set, and give me clarity on my own most pressing questions. ~ Matthew ~

Service on Jan 02

Loretta is a fantastic life coach who uses effective strategies infused with intuition in her sessions. Our sessions helped me strengthen interpersonal skills and communicate effectively with people whose communication styles I'd previously found rather unnerving. Loretta engaged me in reflective and envisioning exercises that helped me pinpoint personal strengths to identify an actionable plan to start on a new career path. She is patient, clear, and empathetic. I can highly recommend Loretta as a life coach. ~ Simone ~

Service on Feb 04

I was really struggling to make a decision about my career path. As a type A, logical thinker, I spent hours (and days) coming up with pros and cons lists to guide my decision. I was stuck. I called Loretta. I walked her through my pros and cons, and she broke them. She asked me questions about how my heart felt and how my body felt; these are things I never thought to ask myself. The answers surprised me and after only a few calls with Loretta, I had cleared my head of the lists and became confident in the solution. Not even 3 months later, I accepted a job that I may have been blind to if it weren't for our calls. This is the first time I have ever been able to say I truly love what I do. I can't recommend Loretta enough! ~ Amy ~

Service on Oct 12