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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Why DON’T I?

May 01, 2014 11:18PM ● By Georgianne Ginder

I know to eat what’s good for me
Have ears and eyes—can hear and see…
I know one should not ‘ruminate’—
Troubling body, mind and fate!

Good rest? The best!
Important too
But resting can be tough to do.

Posture, balance,
Peace of mind
Not THAT hard to find

And still, when ill
One vows to change
Recalibrate in wisdom’s range… 

Better care
Start today. No time to spare!

Breathe deeply; meditate and pray.
Find satisfaction in the day.

Then why DON’T I?
Well, let’s stop and see
Some blame rests with society—

Easy then to fall in line;
Buy what you’re told
      Conform--- align…

Why DO I?
When I do the good I do?
That bears reflection—tried and true.

Georgianne Ginder, MSc, CHWC, is a Certified Health and Wellness Counselor and owner of Your Best Medicine™. For additional information, call 804-248-2627 or email [email protected].