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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Unity + Yoga Program a Great Success

May 01, 2014 11:18PM

Unity of Richmond and Deborah Woodward, Svaroopa® yoga teacher, have launched Unity + Yoga, an ongoing program of talks, free sessions, classes, workshops and meditation classes open to the community at large. Svaroopa® yoga is a deeply restorative style of yoga that releases core muscles along the spine. Easy, subtle and powerful, it brings great physical benefits. It also allows the student to experience their essential nature of steadfast calm, clarity, ease and joy.

“The principles of Unity and Svaroopa® yoga are so similar, we realized this is a way we can support our members, students and the community in deepening their spiritual awareness,” says co-minister Vicki Bunch. “Unity + Yoga is designed to uncover what is within, to realize that everything that you need, and all that you are, is already inside you.” 

The program events include Introduction to Yoga sessions, classes, workshops, study of ancient texts, chanting, meditation classes, “What is Yoga” talks, Sunday service messages and a two-day workshop led by Svaroopa® yoga’s premier teacher, Vidyadevi Stillman. “The workshops sold out,” says Woodward, “and we’ll continue with all of our offerings. It is wonderful to see how the program is reaching people, deep inside.”   

Location: 800 Blanton Ave., Richmond. For additional information, call 804-338-1105 or email [email protected].