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David Herring Receives New Training

Dec 30, 2014 01:58PM

David Herring

David Herring, owner of Innovative Pain Release Center, recently received training in newly developed integrative manual therapies for upgrading the immune system. He also completed a number of specialized pain release trainings that enable him to more effectively address and treat many sources of pain, including tick-born illnesses, autoimmune issues and trauma-related pain.

The advanced techniques for craniosacral manipulations enable Herring to better address residual effects of concussions and general head traumas, including ones from years ago. He also learned new techniques to treat foot and ankle issues, carpal tunnel syndrome and frozen shoulder. 

In addition, Innovative Pain Release Center now offers treatment for PTSD-related issues by removing PTSD stress with integrative manual therapy techniques that can address other aspects of pain and dysfunction.

Location: 1604 Huguenot Rd., Ste. 4, Midlothian. For more information, call 804-573-9516 or visit