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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Healing Touch Practitioner Opens Practice

Cheryl Pallant - photo by Chris Smith

Author, dancer and teacher, Cheryl Pallant, was recently trained in Healing Touch, an internationally recognized healing modality for a variety of ailments. Pallant now provides one-on-one treatment sessions to strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and restore mental, physical and spiritual health.

Though her original intent was to satisfy curiosity, Pallant's successes with practice clients during training brought repeat sessions. She is now offering her services to the community. 

A prominent Korean healing shaman urged Pallant to pursue the path as healer when she was writing an article about her for an anthropology journal. Along with Healing Touch, she is also certified in Reiki. Pallant is a published author of nine books, an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond, an interfaith minister and meditator with 40+ years of experience.

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