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Natural Awakenings Richmond

New Lymph Machine for Specialized Treatment

Dec 30, 2014 01:58PM

Dusty Hooke

With over a decade of experience in massage therapy, certified massage therapist Dusty Hooke now offers treatments using LymphStar Pro, a machine that stimulates the lymph system. Hooke is currently one of only a few therapists in Virginia with a Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy certification. She also has a specialized certification in oncology and mastectomy massage.

The Lymphstar Pro works by stimulating the lymphatic system using an electrostatic energy field, a field created by exciting noble gases from medical-grade glass therapy heads. These heads are applied carefully and safely to the skin and do not heat the tissue.

This new machine runs at low frequencies which encourages the central nervous system to stimulate the parasympathetic system. The Lymphstar Pro treatment is generally used in conjunction with manual lymphatic drainage techniques and can greatly improve the healing process. 

Location: 3500 Grove Ave., Ste. 106. For more information, call 804-869-4214 or visit