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Natural Awakenings Richmond

New Location for Reflexology at Acupuncture Clinic

Talia Moser

Talia Moser, a local reflexologist since 1995, has relocated her business, Relaxation by the Foot, to the Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond, located at 4801 Hermitage Road, Suite 101. Moser, certified through the International Institute of Reflexology, offers Ingham Method reflexology treatments in half-hour and full-hour sessions. Reflexology is a non-invasive, pressure point therapy that stimulates better circulation to the entire body and specific glands and organs.

The 30-minute session is a stress-buster and detoxifier. The 60-minute session includes hands and induces a deeply restful state, boosts the immune system, improves circulation to glands and organs and relaxes tight muscles. “This is very rejuvenating to hardworking, driving and keyboarding hands. The foot work can relieve low back stress from sitting,” says Moser.

She begins each session by wrapping the feet in a hot towel and then applies a dot of essential oil to the soles. The benefits of the oil travel through the system to reach the brain in 20 minutes for a total sense of well-being.

For more information, call 804-399-3353 or visit