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Alexander Technique Effective in Reducing Neck Pain

The Alexander Technique has long been used by musicians, dancers, singers and equestrians to resolve pain, enhance performance and extend the longevity of their careers. More recently, it has been adopted by IT professionals and other computer users to avoid unnecessary strain when using computers, tablets and smartphones.

Although extremely helpful for modern-day pursuits, the Alexander Technique originated in the 1890s, when Shakespearian actor F. M. Alexander devised the method to resolve a recurrent vocal tension that jeopardized his theatrical career. Medical science has since investigated the benefits of the technique as a sophisticated form of rehabilitation for pain and stress-related disease.

Recent research has continued to support these findings. A large study by the National Health Service in Great Britain demonstrated the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique in reducing chronic back pain, while smaller studies have demonstrated effectiveness in improving posture, coordination and balance, relieving neck pain and reducing stress. The studies included such diverse groups as surgeons, pilots, musicians, office and factory workers, the elderly and people with Parkinson’s Disease.     

Jo Ann Widner, RN, MS, is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique and has been teaching the technique since 2006. For more information, call 804-370-3906 or visit and