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New Hope For Innovative Autism Treatment Protocol

Jan 02, 2016 03:17PM ● By Clair Norman

Kathryne Paine, Ph.D., the owner of Richmond Radiant Health, LLC, in Midlothian, offers parents a unique autism recovery program with amazing results. She states, “A child can recover from autism one step at a time. We use a non-pharmaceutical platform based on a program called Nutrigenomics, developed by Dr. Amy Yasko, a recognized expert in biochemistry, molecular biology and treating autism.”

Paine notes that studying the metabolic rate is a big factor in initiating autism recovery. “First, there is lab work, where we conduct a gene panel of the major metabolic enzymes that are then interpreted with urine labs to indicate exactly which nutrients are missing in a patient’s metabolic profile. Once the correct supplements are chosen and given in the correct order, significant changes in behavior are observed after just three days,” she says. “We don’t believe that autism is a genetic disorder, but using the genetic panel is a very good guideline in repairing the metabolic rate in those individuals whose autonomic nervous system timing is not functioning properly.”

Once the metabolic rate is regenerated, Paine employs other healing modalities that restore the brain’s and heart’s ability to regulate the body on its own. Thus, reducing the need for the supplements. She explains, “We don’t want to keep the patients on supplements long term. Instead, we use other healing modalities to get the body to run on its own. Some of these include vagus nerve stimulation, tuning fork therapy, Tam Wave and BEMER ( technology, to name a few. Additionally, the approach re-energizes the electrical meridian pathways through Tong Ren, Rife Frequencies and sound therapy. Most of these therapies are carried out at our medical office, but we have a big facility called Sundrops Sound Health Playroom where we conduct physical and occupational therapy, as well as one-on-one or group exercise and brain training classes.”

Paine understands recovery from autism as rebalancing the body’s neurotransmitters, gut microbiome, immune system and methylation. “The goal is to erase the patient’s need for pharmaceuticals and enable their continued progress toward becoming confident wage earners in the future,” she says. “For those with very severe autism and those past puberty, recovery means that we can improve their function well enough to enable a better quality of life and reduce the burden on their families.”

Paine created Richmond Radiant Health after her daughter, Julia, was born autistic. “I felt that her problems were mostly biochemical or neurological,” she says. “I wasn’t content to do Applied Behavior Analysis, which is a common first approach. I looked online and found Nutrigenomics as applied to autism. I had an opportunity to work with the only functional medicine doctor at that time in Richmond that was knowledgeable in this area. His willingness to teach me the method and allow me to work with the raw data resulted in Julia’s rapid recovery.”

From there, she worked to help others. “I felt like it was unethical to sit on this information. I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and am widely read in the scientific literature. I have an ability to recognize the larger story behind the line-by-line markers on a test. My interpretations of the data thus far, has resulted in at least some degree of success in 100 percent of my clients, and many have experienced near 100 percent recovery.”

Over the last four years, Paine has gone to patients’ homes, developing and adding techniques to assess the high variability of behaviors encountered in proving the program on an individual, case-by-case basis. “Some patients are so sensitive and dysregulated that supplements were not going to work for them right away,” says Paine. “We had to develop the bodywork methods that allowed us to find a pathway in order to get the nutrition in. We found that a high percentage were only going to achieve a partial recovery until we removed the viral load from their bodies, so we needed time to develop those methods, in addition to what Dr. Yasko’s protocol provides. Finally, we had to develop the steps after supplementation to retain the good progress we had made. Our program is doctor-affiliated, and if you would like to have a physician be part of a child’s recovery, that is certainly an option.”

Richmond Radiant Health is located at 1901 Huguenot Rd., Ste. 100, in Midlothian. For more information, call 804-379-3427 or visit