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Colon Cleansing Available in a Relaxing Spa Environment

Mar 01, 2016 07:40AM ● By Clair Norman

Colon cleansing, or a colonic, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a menu of spa services. However, received in a relaxed setting, it can produce the best results. Also known as colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation and colon therapy, a colonic is a non-medical procedure that rids the digestive tract of toxic accumulations of waste that can build up over the years. It is a process of gently cleansing the colon with filtered water in order to flush excess mucus and fecal matter.

Main Street Spa and Wellness Center, in Carytown, describes their colonic service as an internal bath. During the procedure, a lubricated, disposable speculum is very gently inserted just two inches into the rectum. This speculum has an inlet and outlet tube attached. The filtered, warm water comes into the colon and leaves through a clear plastic viewing tube that enables the technician to see the results. Certain clues will indicate the presence of toxins and effectiveness of the digestive system; this helps determine the next steps to improved overall health.

It typically takes more than one treatment from a certified colonic therapist to achieve the best results. Recognizing that each person’s goals are different, an initial series of three to 12 sessions may be recommended over a period of 10 weeks. After that, clients can maintain their healthy results with treatments either once a month or one to two times per year.

According to Janice Bonner Powell, president and founder of Main Street Spa and Wellness Center, colon hydrotherapy can help people suffering from a variety of ailments, including constipation, frequent severe headaches, fatigue, abdominal gas and bloating, sciatic pain, diarrhea, backaches, bad breath, irritability, low energy, lack of vitality and frequent infections. “The colon plays a very important role in a person’s general well-being,” says Powell. “When the colon is full of toxins, your physical health is impacted.”

In addition to its colonics services, Main Street Spa and Wellness Center also educates clients about the importance of eating right for their blood type in order to enhance normal metabolic function and support a healthy digestive system. Along with colon hydrotherapy, following a diet that aligns with one’s blood type can allow the body to seek and maintain its optimal weight and lead to improved health and vitality.

Main Street Spa and Wellness Center is located at 3037 West Cary St., Ste. A. For more information, call 804-644-1084 or visit