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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Local Entrepreneurs Create New Eco-Savvy Product

Fresh Assist, a new Richmond-based product, was launched in December. Available in Soothing Lavender and Cooling Chamomile, it is an environmentally friendly, cleansing, soothing, non-irritating product designed to improve the backside cleaning process after going to the bathroom.

Fresh Assist is sprayed on toilet paper and helps you “Get Clean In-Between.” It’s an alternative to wet wipes and can be used with many brands of toilet paper. Spray it on your toilet paper, wipe and feel a whole lot cleaner and fresher than just using conventional toilet paper alone.

Fresh Assist is better for toilets, plumbing, septic systems and city and county municipal water treatment plants because it means flushing toilet paper instead of wet wipes, which have been known to cause problems in homes and sewage plants. New York City is trying to ban the use of wet wipes and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments recently launched a “Protect Your Pipes” campaign to educate consumers on the damage wipes are causing to wastewater treatment plants.

Available at and