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Holistic Wellness: at Apex MD

Apr 29, 2016 01:24PM ● By Jessica Coffey

Suman Banerjee, M.D.

Most of us recognize wellness as being healthy in body, mind and spirit, and we know that it doesn’t just happen. Wellness is usually the result of a deliberate effort that may include enlisting the services of trained and experienced healthcare providers. One such resource is Apex MD, a primary care office which has just expanded its medical practice in Glen Allen to include a holistic wellness center to help more Richmonders achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

Apex MD now offers an array of holistic services in their expanded space. For more than five years, they have offered a combination of traditional Western medicine complemented by holistic and integrative therapies, and a menu of holistic wellness services are available in the new center. According to Apex MD’s founder and chief medical officer, Dr. Suman Banerjee, the client’s physician holds an umbrella over all treatment and prevention options.

Suman and his wife, co-founder and medical director, Dr. Rumki Banerjee, combine medical philosophies from the West and East to offer the best of both worlds. Rumki is board certified in family medicine, making her a qualified primary care physician. She is also board certified in integrative holistic medicine, draws upon Eastern philosophy to get to the root causes of symptoms and is involved in every aspect of treatment. This high-level training from two medical philosophies located in a single practice is what makes Apex MD unique. Having Eastern and Western treatment options readily available in one location makes it easier to treat the whole person as an individual and to find the unique therapy to restore and maintain good health and vibrancy.

At the holistic wellness therapy center, highly skilled and certified professionals work with the patient’s physician as a team to create and restore optimal health. Therapies available at the center are supported by high-quality, evidence-based medicine, including bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, ayurveda detoxification with massage, medical massage, lymphatic treatment, intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy, holistic weight loss and holistic skin care.

Three signature offerings of the center that help promote self-healing and long-lasting wellness in a comprehensive way are ayurvedic detoxification therapy, IV nutritional therapy and holistic skin care with Osmosis MD product lines. With ayurvedic detoxification therapy, the intention is to clear the body and mind of toxins, bring peace and restore balance, based on individual needs and body types. Components of ayurvedic care include a special diet regimen, oil massage, steam therapy, yoga and meditation.

With IV nutritional therapy, a uniquely designed combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are administered to help patients boost their immunity, reduce inflammation, increase energy and help with symptoms from conditions like allergies and migraines. The overarching goal is to limit dependency on medications for prolonged, symptom-free intervals. These IV nutrients, which can also be helpful with anti-aging and prevention, are available in a limited number of clinics nationwide. Apex MD uses only preservative-free nutrient solutions and drips.

Apex MD offers Osmosis MD skin care products for holistic skin rejuvenation and therapy. It is one of the only clinics in the area using a MD-licensed pure holistic skin product for the management of various skin conditions such as acne, hyper pigmentation, scarring, sun spots, wrinkles and aging skin. The center uses organic peels and masks for all facial services with ingredients that are naturally present in the skin, all under the care of a licensed master esthetician who works closely with the patient’s physician. “The goal is to attract people who do not prefer chemical peels and burns and yet achieve outstanding results with instant gratification,” says Suman.

With the full menu of services from the holistic therapy wellness center and traditional primary medical office, Apex MD offers convenient access to physician-led treatment all under one roof. Their mission is to offer safe and cost-effective medical treatments to restore and maintain good health. Some wellness services are covered by insurance, including the medical weight loss program, and can also be approved expenses under a health savings account or flex spending program.

“We do have something unique,” says Suman. “We want Richmonders to come try us out. We do what works best for our patients and we listen to what they have to say. We want them to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.”

Apex MD is located at 5310 Twin Hickory Rd., in Glen Allen. For more information, call 804-273-0010 or 804-273-1066, email [email protected] or visit