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Natural Awakenings Richmond

New Hometown Advances in Laser Tech

Sep 01, 2016 07:30PM

USA Laser Biotech, in Bon Air, has introduced a new generation of Lumix laser systems for pain relief. Previously, doctors had to choose between the treatment advantages of deeply penetrating superpulsed laser systems or more topically effective continuous wave systems. Earlier efforts to combine the two were not deemed to be very effective. The new Lumix lasers successfully integrate both superpulsed and continuous wave components and the highest pulse rates in the industry. USA Laser Biotech was the first company to bring superpulsed laser technology to the U.S. in 2004.

President Dr. Nelson Marquina advises that this technology can deliver a more powerful, effective, drug-free and natural treatment option for acute, chronic and recalcitrant conditions. The Lumix 3 and 4 series desktop models are available to suit chiropractic, dental, general practice, physical therapy, podiatric, sports medicine and veterinary applications.

For more information, call 877-423-6169 or visit