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River’s Way Finds New Location for Expanded Services

Dec 30, 2017 09:35PM

Nancy Powell, M.D.

River’s Way Healthcare of VA has moved to 5500 Monument Avenue, Suite T, near St. Mary’s Hospital. “Along with this change in location, I am refocusing my practice,” states owner Nancy Powell, M.D. “Up until now, I have incorporated integrative, holistic and functional medicine into my primary care practice. Because I also have extensive training in the mind-body connection, the human energy system, healing and personal growth, and am board certified in Scientific Medical Intuition, I want to begin using more of these modalities.”

      She explains, “This means assessing the patient not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically. I endeavor to listen carefully to my patients, to understand their needs and to take the time to treat them with great care. In this age when healing is more important than ever, I look forward to working with patients to achieve their greatest well-being on multiple levels.”

For appointments, call 804-379-4560 or email [email protected].