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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Learn How to Cook for Special Diets

Apr 28, 2018 08:19PM

Laurel Herman, the “blissed-out chef”, is also the “culinary medicine chef”. Over the past several years, Herman has written and taught about the connection of food to the human spirit. She has partnered with area physicians, Good Foods Grocery and Mise En Place Cooking School to offer hands-on classes that address multiple dietary protocols and empower patients in their own healing journey. After the class in the kitchen, a communal meal is served.

       Over the years, people have come into the café at Good Foods, where Herman works, with lists of foods they can and cannot eat, but no direction as how to implement their protocols, and many feel inadequate in their kitchen skills. That’s where Herman teaches those skills, as well as how to navigate and succeed in their health goals.


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