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Kudos ~ Portia Chan

Portia Chan

Portia Chan, board president of Nurture, a local non-profit whose mission is “to improve the health and well-being of childbearing families through fitness, education, social support and community engagement,” has written an article, “Becoming a Mother: Overcoming Postpartum Depression,” published online in April Magazine.

      Chan says, “Postpartum depression can take many forms, and new mothers often hesitate to admit their feelings of guilt and inadequacy.” In the article, Chan reflects upon her experience of losing her old sense of self and integrating her new identity as a mother.

      Confessing the stigma against speaking about mental health issues in the Asian-American community, she found her main supports in her husband and mother, and the journey made her realize the importance of representation in the healing process.

Read the article at For more information, email [email protected].