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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Letter from The Publisher

Aug 29, 2018 04:21PM

Jessica Coffey, Publisher

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the September/October issue—one of my favorites! My love for September is likely the result of it being my birth month. Over the years, the excitement of a new school year only solidified my fondness for fall. As an adult, this season has become a beautiful time of change for me—the warm days shorten into cool evenings, the color on the trees create festive hues as I drive through the city, and I begin to smell the cozy scent of fires burning in fireplaces. My senses really come alive!

I love this issue because of its focus on yoga, one of the best ways I have found to simultaneously move my body, quiet my mind, and feed my soul. Please check out the special yoga section to learn more about some of the amazing studios and teachers we have in RVA, and read about yoga for flexibility and the top yoga trends.

Since it is time for back to school, we have offer some stay healthy tips for school children. It will be a bittersweet start to school for my family this year. As some of you may know, my younger son is starting his senior year of high school. Which means this is it for the first days as we have experienced them for the past 15 years. I’m excited for what the future holds, but also sad for what will no longer be. In addition, my older son has decided to transfer to a university in Germany! Another exciting experience infused with joy and a sense of loss. I found this poem by Laurie Goyen that beautifully describes how I am feeling…


The soul yearns for moments gone, the heart forever holds fast.
Wistfully longing for those places in time that can’t last.

The children are grown, the parents are aging.
The mirror reflects that our youth is fast fading.

Tender our hearts for the loved ones who have passed.

Reminiscent, we pine for the lost time to come back.

Tears cleanse the spirit and the sadness soon fades,

as we live in the present where new memories are made.

As you move through this glorious season, be sure to keep your body moving—nothing will keep you feeling young like increased activity. Our feature article, Forever Flexible, is filled with ways to help keep your joints healthy naturally.

Be Well and Happy Reading!




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