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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Omega-3s Help Alleviate Dry Eyes Safely





PRN Dry Eye Omega-3 nutriceuticals are now available at Brook Run Vision Center. Dr. Daniel Gray, Optometrist, says, “Fish oil supplements, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, have become a standard supplement for many people. However, it is important to remember that one size does not fit all. Most over-the-counter omega-3s remove toxins from native oil by converting it to an ethyl ester, which is poorly absorbed by the body.”

       Re-esterified triglyceride from omega-3s continue the process one step further by removing the alcohol (ester). This provides a purified product that is more easily absorbed and does not have a fishy odor or aftertaste. These products provide an effective, natural and safe way to address scratchy, red or irritated eyes systemically rather than topically.

       “PRN Dry Eye Omega-3s are the only product proven in research to provide the nutrition to produce a healthier, soothing tear. As an added bonus, your whole body will benefit from PRN’s high-quality omega-3 fatty acids,” says Gray. “PRN Dry Eye Omega-3s support brain and cardiovascular health, provide beneficial lipids for skin health and benefit healthy joints.”

Location: 5644 Brook Rd. For more information, call 804-264-2956 or visit