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Kudos ~ Elizabeth Malaugh

Elizabeth Malaugh

Elizabeth Malaugh, of Adya Yoga and Ayurveda, recently earned certification to teach The Four Desires, an ancient wisdom methodology used to uncover the soul’s innate longing to fulfill its unique purpose in this life.

         Malaugh says, “When you live following the highest calling of your heart (telling of your purpose), your life feels more meaningful, joyful, content and free. What’s your purpose? What has been keeping you from making choices that support your purpose? What can you do today that will help you move in the direction of fulfilling your purpose? These are the questions The Four Desires can answer.”

      She will share the discovery process of The Four Desires in a weekend intensive at Synergy Yoga Studio in November and also offers personal lifestyle consultations that incorporate diet and healthy lifestyle with one-on-one work with The Four Desires process.


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