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A Better Way to Protect Pets from Mosquitoes

Jun 29, 2019 10:25PM

Dogs often like to lounge in the backyard during hot and humid days, often attracting mosquitoes and their bites which can cause heartworm. Now, owners can help keep their pets safe from mosquitoes by using a natural repellent like Mosquito-B-Off.

      Mosquito-B-Off is a long-burning incense stick that keeps mosquitoes away using natural oils like citronella and lemongrass. Its simple, 100 percent natural formulation makes it extremely safe to use with furry family members. They last up to two-and-a-half hours while providing great protection.

      Mosquito-B-Off imparts no toxins or sticky spray on the body, just divine-smelling mosquito repellent that also puts people in a meditative zone.


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