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Premium Digital Advertising Offers Affordable Access to Top Websites

Local businesses are seeking new digital solutions during these unprecedented times, and 4-Leaf Productions Premium Digital Advertising is answering that need with a unique approach to online advertising. Instead of the typical cookie-based approach, 4-Leaf Productions Premium Digital Advertising targets specific websites based on the advertiser’s target market and geographic location.

Businesses pay per thousand impressions with 100 percent reach, compared to the average 37 percent reach of cookie-based advertising. In addition, the ads have 100 percent viewability; all ads are placed on the websites above the point that a viewer would need to scroll down to see the ad. There is also 100 percent transparency; all advertisers receive a report detailing the websites, number of impressions and click-through rates. 4-Leaf Productions Premium Digital Advertising average click-through rates are consistently higher than industry standards, resulting in an impressive return on investment.

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