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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Experience Certified Holistic Pelvic Care

Blissful Heart Women's Integrative Health is offering a 20 percent discount on Holistic Pelvic Care packages for new clients through the end of the year. Their unique approach to pelvic floor therapy is designed to promote wellness and restore balance.

Holistic Pelvic Care, created by Tami Lynn Kent, MPST, combines gentle, intravaginal myofascial work with guided breathwork, and is used for wellness care and to treat imbalances in the pelvic area. This effective, empowering and healing modality is practiced with deep respect for the female body.

As Virginia’s only certified Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner, Jacqueline Boone says, “While this is wonderful for addressing pelvic dysfunction such as incontinence and pelvic pain, you don’t need to have symptoms to receive Holistic Pelvic Care.”

For more information and to make appointments, call 804-505-3010 or visit