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Learn About Hidden Oxalate Hazards

Sally K. Norton, MPH

Richmond nutrition researcher Sally K. Norton, MPH, has been featured in several journals, including a Norwegian health magazine, Helsemagasinet, and the Swedish journal, Health and Functional Medicine, for her work helping people relieve pain and hard-to-treat health problems with a low-oxalate diet. Norton recently released a two-part practitioner mini-course online, Oxalate Toxicity through Health Masters Live, about how to recognize and treat oxalate toxicity. She will be hosting educational support groups via Zoom in 2021. 

“People don’t know that foods such as spinach, soy, beets, sweet potatoes and almonds can be a problem because of a naturally occurring chemical, oxalic acid,” says Norton. “The acid forms oxalate crystals in the body and can cause fragile bones, pain, fatigue, hormone imbalances, joint and sleep problems, headaches, nerve damage, urinary tract problems, and other complaints often associated with aging and autoimmune disease. To complicate matters, oxalate poisoning can be hard for doctors to identify, because it mimics other conditions and no reliable test for it exists.”

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