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5 Local Businesses Highlighted in our Women's Wellness Guide

Apr 30, 2021 12:18AM ● By Shay Wilson

View the full Women's Wellness Guide here.

The following local businesses and practitioners are committed to holistic wellness and offer a range of products and services specific to women's health ...

RVA Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

Dr. Ramky Kavaserry

2620 Gaskins Rd., Henrico


RVA Physical Therapy, a full-service physical therapy practice, specializes in orthopedic, pelvic, sports and aquatic physical therapy. Pelvic health physical therapy is a newer service they offer, and three staff members with extensive experience in pelvic health have joined the team: Dr. Ashleigh Scott, PT, DPT; Dr. Eileen Salvi, MPT; and Patti Calkins, PTA.

The health of pelvic floor muscles can affect sexual health, musculoskeletal issues, mobility and digestive disorders. Pelvic health physical therapy offers multiple solutions and treatments for women experiencing urinary and fecal incontinence, chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), pelvic neuralgia, endometriosis, bowel disorders, vulvar pain, painful intercourse, persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) and more.

Dr. Ramky Kavaserry and his staff are passionate about improving their patients’ quality of life, with a focus on one-on-one, customized treatments that help achieve a fully mobile, pain-free life. See ads, pages 3 and 33.

South River Compounding Pharmacy

Baylor Rice, RPH, FIACP

11420 W. Huguenot Rd., Midlothian

656 Mayland Ct., West End   


South River Compounding Pharmacy was Virginia’s first compounding-only pharmacy dedicated to changing women’s lives throughout the Richmond area by providing customized medications and personalized online consultations. We are the original functional medicine natural pharmacy working to help others by offering products and services related to Weight Loss, Nutrition, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Stress, Pain Management, Anti-Aging, Allergies, Skin Ailments, AutoImmune Disorders, GI Issues, Chronic Disease, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and more.

BHRT is a natural and safe way to achieve hormone balance. South River shares your vision of living healthy, active lives, fending off disease and promoting positive lifestyles. Our team is here to help you achieve your optimal health goals. Visit us online or call to get started today. See listings, pages 23 and 32.

Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy

11934 West Broad Street, Short Pump 

12230 Ironbridge Rd., Ste. C, Chester

804-717-5000 | 888-384-5470

RX3 Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to offer personal hormone consultations as a part of our Integrative Wellness and Specialty Testing programs. Fay McCain, RPH, specializes in the science of integrative hormone balance. She has a passion for women’s health and the multitude of factors that ultimately contribute to the way we feel. 

When hormone levels are in balance, body systems are optimized. When hormone levels become unbalanced, this may lead to undesirable symptoms which may negatively affect your quality of life. Symptoms that may indicate a hormone imbalance are:

• Fatigue                        • Headaches 

• Weight gain                • Thinning hair 

• Sleep disturbances   • Depression 

• Brain Fog                    • Mood swings 

• Irritability                    • Loss of libido 

Correcting hormone imbalances is essential to feeling better and restoring proper function. Contact Fay McCain at [email protected] for detailed information. See ads, pages 5, 30 and 32.

Debbie Troxell, RN, MSNH


Lifestyle Designs

The Wellness Village

1404 Starling Drive


Offering safe, non-invasive, radiation-free-imaging. Thermography uses an infrared digital camera to observe and record heat and vascular patterns that could indicate physiological issues. Its many applications include breast health, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal disorders, dental health, sinus and allergies, thyroid health, organ health and full-body health maintenance. Because the FDA identifies thermography as an adjunct to mammography, anyone who has ever had a mammogram should also have a thermogram. Everyone who values the need to be proactive and stay healthy can benefit from this health discovery tool. Thermographic images are interpreted by Dr. Matthew Lee, M.D., RPh, MS, of eLEEte Physicians, and clients can gain additional information and insight via the Infrared-Body app. Lifestyle Designs offers additional services that can further enhance women’s overall health and wellness, including IonCleanse foot baths, BHRT assessments, Zyto scans, stress management and brain health assessments. See ads, pages 13 and 33.

Ariya Family Chiropractic Centers

Six Richmond Area Locations


Ariya offers full-service chiropractic care for every stage of a woman’s life from birth through post-menopause, including pregnancy. Chiropractic care during pregnancy has become an essential part of many women’s prenatal care. The Ariya Family Chiropractic approach is to provide a woman with the most stable environment for her baby’s development, which involves keeping the spine free of misalignments, most specifically in the pelvic region. The adjustments are very gentle and 100 percent safe for the baby and mother. Ariya chiropractors are trained to perform the Webster’s Technique for breech positioning, a non-invasive, painless protocol for turning babies in utero. Our doctors have experienced much success with this treatment and regularly receive referrals from obstetricians and midwives in the area. For every stage of life, call today. Most insurance plans accepted. See ads, pages 11 and 30.