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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Letter from the Publisher, July/August 2021

Jul 01, 2021 12:01PM ● By Shay Wilson
Publisher of Natural Awakenings Richmond, Jessica Coffey

Jessica Coffey, Publisher

I hope your summer is going well and that you are finding ways to relax, recharge and show yourself some self-love. As we come out of the pandemic, I know it’s easy to get caught up in the “do more” mentality we had pre-COVID. But I hope you will stop yourself from going there. If I have learned anything from these past 15 months, it’s that when I do less, I can actually accomplish more. By taking time to get outside and move my body, and by allowing myself quiet moments to breathe deeply and settle my thoughts, I can approach tasks and relationships from a calmer, more loving place. I do not want to lose that. I also do not want to lose the greater connection I developed with Mother Nature—time in the forest, by the river and in the garden can do so much for my body, mind and spirit. I hope you can agree and I hope you will continue to find ways to go at a slower, healthier pace even as we get out and interact more often with more people. 

Just last weekend I was able to spend a couple of hours floating on a tube down the James River. It was so relaxing and picturesque, and I marveled at the sights and sounds around me ... the water rushing around the rocks and over rapids, the geese chattering as they sunned on the rocks, the beautiful blue dragonflies as they landed on my knees and hands to take a quick break from buzzing over the water. Seeing them reminded me of a wonderful poem I read a while ago by local writer and educator, Hollee Freeman, Ph.D. ...

Blue Dasher

Yes. You are my Blue Dasher
But of course. You do not belong to me
No. You belong to the Air, the Wind, and the Sky

Like me. You also inhabit the Celestial World, flying low 

only to remind us of the brilliance that is uniquely you

As for me. My earthly apparitions stay a little 

longer-bathing in the sun, alighting to observe and 

be observed You. You don’t stay as long-landing 

within the blink of an eye and just as suddenly 

you are gone toward your next calling

Yet. Sometimes. My Blue Dasher, you stay long 

enough for me to gaze upon you intently, 

looking at every vein, watching your small 

movements and noticing the blood that balances you

Rarer still, Beautiful Dasher, you get close enough, 

leaving me with an experience of you that stays with me

No. You do not belong to me

Yet. You are mine

And I cherish each one of our encounters for they 

remind me of the beauty, brilliance and freedom

That is you.

That is me.

That is the heavens.

I cherish moments like that. How about you? What reminds you of beauty, brilliance and freedom? This summer, I wish you a plethora of magical moments that leave you with an experience that stays with you. That you savor.

Happy Reading and Happy Summer!