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New Approach to Fitness Fights Aging

Sep 01, 2021 07:00AM ● By Jessica Coffey

Mary Burruss and Al Conde, cofounders of Re-Think Fitness, believe they have developed a fitness program to help us stay mobile and active for life instead of experiencing body breakdown as we age. Using a unique combination of physical therapy-based personal training and traditional yoga practices, they have created a new approach to exercise called Homeostatic Mind/Body Training. It is a way to get active people out of pain, correct the movement dysfunctions that are limiting them and teach them what they call Sustainable Fitness.

Conde, a physical therapy-based personal trainer, explains, “By clearing up movement dysfunctions and getting the body moving in all planes of motion, our clients find that they can do things they haven’t been able to do for years.” Easily bending, balancing or squatting are things that most people assume they lose as they age, but the Re-Think Fitness team argues the point. “We are on a mission to spread the word that aging can be very different than what is currently accepted,” says Burruss, a yoga guru.

For a free 15-minute consultation, visit ReThink.Fitness or email [email protected]