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New Book Sheds Light on Past Lives

Oct 29, 2021 03:15PM ● By Jessica Coffey

With thirty years of reincarnation research and past-life memories, Carole Louie has written a new book, Unstuck in Time: Memoir of a Time Traveler. This true story about how love transcends time is a spiritual quest through many lives to discover the reasons why we reincarnate and how awareness of other lives can affect the present life.

As a soul medium, past-life regression therapist/reincarnation researcher and the subject of the story, Louie imparts her unique perspective on the process, sharing eight past lives from concubine to an archbishop, the Second Opium War to the Holocaust, suicide to the continuity of life. The back stories connect the individual stories to each other and to this life. Louie takes the reader into an in-depth, candid look at the wounds and gifts we carry from lifetime to lifetime, the Earth experience and one’s life purpose as she searches for answers to spiritual questions.

E-book and paperback versions are available on Amazon. For more information, visit and


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