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Mind, Body, Soul Special Section

Oct 29, 2021 04:11PM ● By Jessica Coffey

Showcasing four local business owners that help people in our community on their journey to mind-body-soul balance, and providing them with an opportunity to share what their values are, what their missions are, what they are passionate about and more... It’s a chance to get to know the faces behind the businesses and the logos.

In a nation where many of us haven’t met our neighbors and don’t have the good fortune to experience the benefits that come from being part of a community, it is our hope that this section helps readers feel better connected to our area’s amazing mind-body-soul community and that they seek these folks out on their road to well-being.

Just as the water reflects the stars and the moon, the body reflects the mind and soul. — Rumi

Anne Geyer


Anne Geyer was likely destined to operate a berry farm. She’s loved berries since childhood and recalls picking wild black raspberries every summer to make purple milk for her breakfast. While studying biology at Cornell University, she discovered the world of pomology, a branch of botany that studies the science of growing fruits and nuts.

Today through Agriberry Fruit Farm, which Anne operates with her husband, Chuck, along with their adult children, they grow red, black and purple raspberries, more than 10 varieties of blackberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, blueberries and cherries. They partner with other family farms in the Hanover region to offer a variety of seasonal fruit, building camaraderie and a support network among small farmers.

Safely and sustainably caring for their crops has been Anne’s mission since day one. “We have lived alongside our berry fruit crops for 40 years, where we have raised our three children,” she says. She regularly works with specialty fruit professionals and associations so Agriberry can stay on top of the best information for quality care and safe farming practices.

Anne is dedicated to helping secure the future of sustainable agriculture by passing skills on to the next generation of farmers. Agriberry’s young worker program for teens age 14 and up invites and inspires youth to learn best farming practices. Anne and her family also engage the community by supporting a wide variety of local food programs and charities throughout the year.

For Anne, one of the best things about her work is hearing customers relate how Agriberry’s fruit tastes like the pure fruit they enjoyed during their childhoods. “Watching the gleam in baby boomers’ eyes as they recall their early years and how important berries and fruit have been to them throughout their lives is rewarding,” she says.

For additional information or to sign up for Agriberry’s 2022 CSA program, call 804-537-0448 or visit

Lisa Cusano


Lisa Cusano began her journey into holistic wellness with essential oils when she sought solutions for herself and family that she could not find through conventional nor certain alternative therapies. Seeking solace and healing, Lisa moved her family to a farm, unplugged from media and electronics and started using frankincense essential oil on her son. She saw a radical change. 

The more she worked with the oils, the more she realized she could support her son’s wellness through consistent use. Empowered, Lisa found that working with tools such as essential oils require a very direct approach. She has multiple certifications with dōTERRA, along with 10,000 hours of experience working with individuals in clinical settings. She’s working on a Master Aromatherapist in Aromatic Medicine degree which exemplifies her quest for learning and educating clients. 

Lisa works from a multi-faceted, whole person approach. “I work best with individuals who are willing to look deeply and be a willing participant in their path toward well-being,” she says. “My purpose is to help people clear the ‘virtual noise,’ be it household toxins, challenging emotions or issues that may dull awareness. I help empower people with tools to integrate into their life so they can flourish.”

For additional information, call 804-296-9284 or visit or

Sherrena Greig


Twenty-seven years ago, when Sherrena Greig was raising her young daughter, she noticed that there were very few all-natural skin care products for infants and children. Not wanting to use commercial brands with synthetic chemicals, she started using extra-virgin olive oil on her daughter’s skin. That led Sherrena to make body care products that are free from alcohol, sulfites and parabens. Sherrena also uses recyclable glass jars instead of plastic packaging to lessen her company’s carbon footprint.

Education is key to Sherrena’s approach. She asks clients about their skin care regimens and listens to any issues or concerns they might have. “I want my clients to know their skin is the largest living organ they have, and it soaks up everything. If you eat healthy food, then you need to feed your skin the good stuff—healthy, all natural products with antioxidants and healing essential oils.”

Sherrena’s passion is renewed every time she hears her clients mention how her body butter helped soothe their dry skin or cleared up a rash. For many, it’s the only product they will use. “That keeps me passionate and makes me feel good to know I am helping people,” she says.

For additional information or to purchase, shop on Etsy: SGBodybutter01, visit Yoga Source in Carycourt, or follow on IG @sgbodybutter and FB: Sooogoodbodybutter.


Loretta Walker


Loretta Walker has worked in helping professions her entire life, as a therapist, a full-time mom and a Waldorf music teacher. As one who is naturally drawn to assisting others, she observed how people always felt comfortable opening up to her and sharing their dilemmas. She felt a career that encourages people to control their own autonomy would be an ideal fit. This past year, she became a Wayfinder Life Coach through the Martha Beck life coaching program.

“My clients walk in with a challenge, a desire. By using the Wayfinder tools and process, I help them find their own paths. It’s not me just saying ‘here is which path they should take,’” she says. “I support them in finding clarity so they can determine their own way.”

Through life coaching, Loretta enjoys helping people identify a problem, realize their objective, take steps to overcome barriers and find ways to succeed. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk—as a lifelong learner, she also receives life coaching. She frequently attends seminars and classes to find ways to better understand human capacity. “I’m on an ongoing journey. I’m always reading, exploring and identifying my own limiting beliefs as I continue my path of freedom,” she concludes.

 For more information or to make an appointment call 804-387-2482 or email [email protected].

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