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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Your Guide to Manifesting Like A Goddess

Local intuitive purpose coach and conflict resolution expert Sara Daves has written a new book, Manifest Like a Goddess, for women that want to access their feminine gifts to manifest with more ease and courageous men curious about how to tap into the magical feminine essence. 

She states, "The ability to manifest is a gift all humans possess, regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, life circumstances, cultural background or socioeconomic status. The barrier to accessing and utilizing this divine gift lies in social conditioning. We’ve been conditioned to believe that in order to get what we desire, we must either fall in line with societal standards or take full control and make everything happen on our own. Both of these options are oppressive." 

She explains that conscious manifesting requires the use of both masculine and feminine energy, but society has devalued the feminine for centuries. "As a result, we’ve lost access to half our manifesting power. This book is for those who already know how to use their masculine energy to make stuff happen and wish to understand the powerful energy of the feminine that can help us co-create with the universe,” she says. 

Daves offers group manifesting coaching programs, conflict resolution facilitator training, private purpose coaching and retreats. 

For more information, call 804-837-0040 or visit