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Natural Awakenings Richmond

Mechanicsville Practitioners Celebrate 10 Years

Celie Thomas had just sold her business as owner of a Tropical Smoothie Café and Steve Saunders was winding down his marina business. Good friends as school counselors in Henrico County years before, Thomas and Saunders ran into each other in 2012 and spent three hours catching up, remembering how much they missed their rich and satisfying work as counselors and brainstorming a way to do it again in the private sector. 

Linda Frazier was working as a massage therapist with many talents and certifications, including energy work and creating reiki-infused jewelry, and longed for a haven of her own.  

Much to their good fortune, an insurance agent named Brandon Hedrick had just purchased a Mechanicsville house that he planned to renovate into offices for his own staff along with potential tenants. The space was just what Thomas, Saunders and Frazier were looking for. 

The three established their sacred spaces, became fast friends and launched Thomas’ and Saunders’ counseling business, The Main Channel, LLC, and Frazier’s Lighten Up Massage and Wellness. The ensuing 10 years have held many personal and professional challenges, but they persevered, cross-referred, shared many tears and much laughter and ultimately survived and thrived.  

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