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Intuitive Readings Resume at Alchemists

Alchemists, a locally owned, independent shop in Stony Point Village Shopping Center featuring books and tools for spiritual development and gifts to nurture, comfort and inspire since 1992, has resumed in-person intuitive readings after a two-year hiatus. Their readers bring expertise, unique perspectives and gifts to the table and clients will arrive at a deeper understanding of their own life experiences through various divination and extra-sensory offerings. 

Alchemists’ diverse lineup includes animal communicator Mattie Coll providing insight into our most beloved furry or feathered friends; Rob Peckham combining his extraordinary connection with the natural world and shamanism to shed light on past lives and soul connections; Brianna skillfully delivering understanding through a personal astrological chart; deeply intuitive tarot readers Cindy and Katherine offering guidance through the imagery of the cards and the wisdom they have obtained over the years; and Valerie delving into the Akashic Records and assisting clients in understanding the journey of their unique soul. 

For more information, call 804-320-9200 or visit

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