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Natural Awakenings Richmond

New Information About Toxic Superfoods

Local nutrition researcher, Sally K. Norton, is leading a new movement for healthy eating, giving hope to those with chronic illness. Her new book from Rodale Press, Toxic Superfoods, containing research, specific dietary guidance and inspiration, will be released on December 27. 

She states, “If you haven’t heard of the ‘low oxalate diet’ yet, you will soon. Once only for kidney patients, new awareness of the value of oxalate-aware eating is springing on the nutrition scene and rapidly gaining popularity.” Norton’s research and outreach has fueled a dawning recognition that oxalic acid, a naturally occurring chemical found in several popular “health foods”,  can cause serious health problems for some people. 

Her information has helped many recover from serious illnesses, chronic pain, kidney problems, osteopenia and even chronic infections by making simple changes to their diets. 

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