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Natural Awakenings Richmond

A Time to Listen

Since 2010, Secretly Y’all has organized and presented regular live storytelling events, providing a microphone and a safe space for those that have a true story that wants to be shared, as well as a welcoming space for those that come to listen. The next event’s theme is Nothing Compares, on October 16, at Brambly Park.

Each event partners with and promotes a local charity, raising both awareness and donations. It is not an open mic event, a stand-up show or just for people with storytelling or public speaking experience. The event provides a theme and invite folks to share stories inspired by that theme. There are only three rules: the story must be true and told without using notes or reading within a seven-minute time limit. It doesn’t have to be a funny story or have a moral.

A story is more than just the sum of its words, and there are stories that want or need to be told. We never know what might be sparked because of a willingness to simply sit in a room and listen.

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